Coastal Mugwort Elixir and Bug Repellent

Coastal Mugwort is my native mugwort, the smell puts me into a frenzy (see previous post).

I have recently put mugwort in apple cider vinegar for a few days, transfer over to a larger spray bottle, delude it with water. Spray this on your skin and mosquitoes be gone! When I get bitten they welt up very big. This natural bug repellent is great while camping. If you have mugwort but no vinegar, bruise it in your hands, add water if it is dry and rub on your skin. Keep the mugwort in your pocket and repeat as the night goes on. This works wonders too! I even keep some mugwort in my tent.

Because of my mugwort use lately I decided to make a mugwort elixir, just to see what would happen. Here is the outcome:

What you need:

Combine mugwort and vodka, cover the mugwort so there is about 3 inches extra of vodka. Let sit for 2 weeks minimum. Strain and add about 1/4 honey. Shake! Shake! Shake!

Let sit for about a week and shake daily.



I was so surprised how delicious this was. I thought it would be bitter and just ok, but it is so earthly and gentle. Use this treat as a digestive aid or dream aid by drinking before sleeping.

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